Handicap Competitions

Welcome to our handicap competitions!

For many years, Cavaliers have run these competitions as a way to expose newer fencers to competitive format fencing in a fun, welcoming and learning environment. These competitions are open to all fencers from all clubs, and are run for all three weapons. We only require that a fencer have completed their Fencing WA Registration to ensure they’re covered by insurance in the (very unlikely) event they are injured.

Competition Registration

Please visit our Humanitix Page to find the signup pages for each weapon or select from the list below:

Dates & Times

Please refer to the dates and times listed on the Cavs calendar for the specific competition.

We aim for a roll-call time of 1pm, so please arrive at the venue with sufficient time to warm-up and get ready.

Late entries will not be accepted without prior notice being afforded to the tournament director.

Rankings & Results

We track results and update rankings (and handicaps) after each round. The most recent results and rankings will be available soon. Rankings and handicaps are reset at the start of each year.

The Rules:

Our handicap competitions run according to the standard state competition structure and rules but with the added twist of a handicap system and greater leniency on equipment standards.

RoundFormatHandicap MultiplierPointsPeriodsPeriod Length
1. PoulesRound-Robin1x513 minutes
2. Direct EliminationElimination Tableau3x1533 minutes
Round Information
  • Seedings for the poules are based on current handicap rankings
  • All fencers are promoted to the elimination round, regardless of placement after the poules
  • Rankings after the pools determine seeding for the elimination round
  • Finals bouts are held for both 1st and 3rd place (time permitting)

Handicap Points:

  • Handicap points are bonus points, giving a head-start to whichever fencer has a higher handicap bonus.
  • One handicap point is earned for each competition in which a fencer’s final ranking is in the bottom half.
  • Handicap points apply per period of fencing (i.e. 3 points in the poules become 9 points for DEs)
  • The points are cumulative throughout the year.
  • If two fencers have a handicap, the bonuses are subtracted from one another before being applied.

NOTE: Bonus points cannot exceed 4 points for a poule bout or 12 points for a DE bout, regardless of how high the handicap may be. Handicap subtraction is done based on the true handicap point value.

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