Temporary Closedown of Fencing Sessions

At Cavs, the health and well-being of our members, their families, and the wider community is of the highest importance to us. Given the rapidly changing, world-wide COVID-19 situation, the committee has come to the conclusion that club sessions should be temporarily closed. This is to reinforce community social distancing and other measures recommended by health authorities.

As a result of this decision, there will be no fencing session this Saturday 21 March. The current plan is to return around the first week of the second WA school term, at the end of April/start of May. Please keep an eye out for updates through this email channel and Facebook about our next session dates. You can also find information from the wider fencing community at theFencing WA and Fencing Australia websites.

Summary:Fencing sessions at ECU Cavalier School of Fencing will be suspended temporarily to help reduce the impact of the COVID-19 virus.There will be no session on Saturday 21 March.Return dates planned for end April/start May.This decision was not taken lightly, and takes into account the emerging situation in Australia and overseas, including temporary closures and postponements affecting fencing clubs and events around the world. It is our belief that early measures will help reduce and shorten long-term impacts of the pandemic in our community. Just like you, we hate to miss out on fencing time – but we hope that doing our bit now will help everyone get back to normal that much quicker.
I would like to thank you all for your patience whilst the committee has been resolving the best course of action to deal with the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Temporarily closing club sessions is not a decision we take lightly but one we found necessary. Above all else, we value the health and safety of all club members and their families, and we want to make sure we’ve done all we can to help protect you and the wider community from possible infection.

We will continue to monitor the situation and I look forward to seeing you all when club sessions resume.

Llewelyn Foley
President, ECU Cavalier School of Fencing
Our fencing coaches will be collating fencing resources to send out to you, so you can keep your hand in between now and the next session. We’d love to hear from you all as well! Please keep in contact and keep our community going online, for example via our Facebook page

All the best from the ECU Cavalier School of Fencing Committee.

Welcome to 2020

Start to the 2020 Fencing Year
The first session of 2020 starts at 2pm on Saturday 1 February.

Please make sure you register for the year at http://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=37362. If you have any questions or have any difficulties with registering, please contact us atsecretary@cavaliers.com.au

Attention Bladez Parents:
The first day back for Bladez term one is 8 February 2020, running until 4 April.

Welcome to the 2020 Committee and Office Holders

Congratulations to our 2020 committee members and other office holders, and many thanks for volunteering your time to keep Cavaliers running smoothy!

Incoming Committee for 2020:President – Llewelyn FoleyVice-President – Drew FoleySecretary – Elizabeth-Kate GullandTreasurer – Belinda Schmolke General Committee Member (Registrar) – Katrina MacKinnonOther positions:Coaching Co-Ordinator: Sven HeinRegistrar: Katrina MacKinnonEquipment Officer: Perry RuffoAssistant Equipment Officer: Drew FoleyArmourer: Perry RuffoSocial Officer: Kieran Martin-ChittendenBladez Coordinators: VacantMember Protection Officer: Andrew ChandranFirst Aid Co-Ordinator: Elizabeth-Kate GullandTournament Officer: Antonio RuffoSocial Media Manager: Tom AustinClub Handicap Trophy and CompetitionsThe 2019 Mike Middleton Club Handicap Trophy will be presented at the Saturday session on 15 February, at 2:30pm.

The first handicap events of 2020 will be held on:Foil – 8 FebruarySabre – 15 FebruaryEpee – 22 FebruaryUpcoming state and interstate competitions (Junior)

The first state-level competitions are already coming up fast! Junior (i.e. under 20) state competitions are running on 1 and 2 February. Remember that you will need to be registered with Fencing WA before competing. FWA Membership 2020

The first interstate competition of the year, also for Juniors, will be in Melbourne from 14-16 February.

Beginners’ Fencing Course
Do you know someone aged 13 or above interested in trying fencing? Our first beginner’s course will run from 22 February to 4 April. Registrations are now open at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=37504.

How about kids aged 9-12? Contact us at secretary@cavaliers.com.au about trying out at a Bladez sessions, which run from 1-2 pm on Saturdays during school terms.

Cleaned Club Equipment
Thank you very much to the volunteers who cleaned club jackets, plastrons, and breeches at the end of 2019! Could you please bring them back for the first session.

Also, a big thank you to the volunteers who have offered to stock-take and check over our other equipment during the first session.

First Aid course availability

In early February, we are organising a senior first aid certificate course for our club coaches. If you are interested in attending a first aid course yourself – either as a new trainee or for a refresher – we can include you in this course for less than an the cost of individual enrolments. This would also help to reduce club costs, as well as ensuring a good group of attendees for the course!

We estimate a cost of around $100 per person, or even less depending on numbers. Please contact us at secretary@cavaliers.com.au to register your interest.

Club t-shirtsWe still have some Cavaliers club t-shirts available. Contact Sven to see what we have in your size!

Final Rankings and Points 2018


1Ruffo, Antonio667
2Chang-Martin, Darren584
3Adamos, Xavier425
4Bauer, Cedric335
5Calligan, Hugh314
6Weatherald, Matthew304
6Kishi, Lucien303
8Lim, Shaun183
9Ullaga, Gabby162
10Mohamed-ali, Zelikha151
11Davison, Mel111
12Schauffer, Phillipe101
12Chin, George101
14Bauer, Anne92
15Hein, Sven80
16Zhao, Adam71
16Xavier, Alex70
16Vogan, Ben70
19Polakova, Olena61
19Austin, Tom61
19Macrae, Michael60
19Fogarty, James61
23Thian, Aurelne52
23Vogan, Edie50
25Adamos, Isaac40
25Ellis, Michael40
27Davison, Shaun30
27Pendragon, Finn30
27Hayes, Therese30
30Reynolds, William21
30Chen, Jonathon21
30Mitchell, Luke21
30Landau, Toby20
34Wong, Elim10
34Park, Ivy10
34Richards, David10
34Twomey, Ryan10
34Naylor, Lynne10
39Richards, Jamie00


1Adamos, Xavier445
2Moorhouse, Ryan312
2Warner- Stanton, Flynn312
4Kneale, Damian303
5Herzog, Neil264
6Paxman, Adrian252
7Rawlins, Scott201
8Foley, Lorrhin191
9Costello, Jack181
10Mackinnon, Katrina171
11Gregg, Steven141
11Davison, Mel141
11Messenger, Blake141
11Dale, George141
15Chandran, Andrew131
16Bauer, Cedric121
16Caunt, Kylie121
18Foley, Drew111
18Austin, Tom112
20Bauer, Anne100
21Ruffo, Antonio91
21Hutchinson, Robert90
23Adamos, Isaac80
23Lim, Shaun81
25Gardiner, David71
25Litchfield Loki71
25Polglaze, Ted71
28Johnson, Robert61
29Lock, Ian50
30Criddle, Brett41
31Calligan, Hugh30
32Hutchinson, Colin20


1Kneale, Damian585
2Foley, Lorrhin465
3Adamos, Xavier423
4Hutchinson, Robert353
5Austin, Tom333
6Herzog, Neil263
7Foley, Llewlyn233
7Fisher, Dean231
9Gulland, EK201
10Nielsen, Nicholas183
11Johnson, Robert151
11Rachetti, Francesco150
13Adamos, Isaac130
14Gregg, Steven122
15Rosario, Grace111
16Kneale, Amy90
17Haydon, Stephen81
18Johnson, Ashley40
18Foley, Drew41
20Poll, Adam30
20Fogarty, James30
20Hutchinson, Colin30
23More, Alex20
24Howard, Kay10
24Macrae, Michael10
24Poll, Oliver10


Final Handicap Rankings 2017

1Cedric Bauer637
2Philippe Schauffler425
3Sven Hein283
4Irene Wan272
5Jonathon Chen242
6Neil Herzog223
7Gabby Ullaga213
8Aurelne Thian204
9Adam Zhao193
9Lucien Kishi191
11Luke Mitchell172
11Xavier Adamos172
13Tom Austin161
14Matthew Weatherald133
14Elim Wong132
16Antonio Ruffo122
16Michael Macrae121
18Dylan Devenish102
18Darren Chang101
20Olena Polakova92
21Anne Bauer80
22Hugh Calligan61
22Zoran Cunjak61
24Chris Barrett-Leonard51
25William Reynolds42
25Therese Hayes40
27James Fogarty30
27Brett Cridlle30
27Isaac Adamos30
27Robert Hutchinson30
27Victoria Bennett30
27Noah Hall30
33Emma Christiansen20
33Rina Christiansen20
33Ryan Twomeny20
33Toby Landau20
37Ivy Park10
37Zelikha Mohamed ali10
37Rowan Johnson10
37Aron Thian11
37Jack Zhao10
42Juno Hung00
42Joshua Mitting00


1Neil Herzog464
2Damian Kneale374
3Kylie Caunt332
4Xavier Adamos312
5Drew Foley292
6Ryan Moorhouse262
7Adrian Paxman252
8Brett Criddle241
9Steven Gregg232
10Tom Austin222
11Matthew Weatherald182
12Andrew Kwan172
13Antonio Ruffo141
14Robert Johnson131
15Joshua Mittling90
15Hugh Calligan91
17Rowan Johson60
17Katrina Mackinnon61
17Lorrhin Foley60
20Llewlyn Foley40
20Tom Mckenna40
22Anne Bauer30
23Jonathon Chen20
23Robert Hutchinson20
23Grace Rosario20
23Ashley Johnson20
23Isaac Adamos20
28Tamara Kerr10
28Jack Costello10


1Damian Kneale667
2Tom Austin535
3Neil Herzog523
4Lorrhin Foley405
5Grace Rosario355
6Llewlyn Foley334
7EK Gulland253
8Robert Hutchinson232
9Lewis Freedman213
10Robert Johnson182
11Steven Gregg172
12Xavier Adamos141
13Nicholas Nielsen133
14Ashley Johnson121
14Amy Kneale120
16Stephen Haydon112
17Isaac Adamos80
18Andrew Kwan61
18Rowan Johnson60
18James Fogarty60
21Micheal Macrae40
22Saskia Wibowo30
23Kay Howard10
23Josh Mitting10

Handicap Rankings Round 2



1Damian Kneale182
2Llewlyn Foley132
2Grace Rosario132
4Tom Austin101
5EK Gulland82
5Stephen Haydon82
7Lorrhin Foley71
7Stephen Gregg71
9Ashley Johnson41
10Lewis Freedman31
11Amy Kneale20
11Neil Herzog20
11Xavier Adamos20
11Saskia Wibowo20
11Isaac Adamos20
16Kay Howard10
16Robert Johnson10
16Micheal Macrae10
16Rowan Johnson10



1Andrew Kwan172
2Neil Herzog101
2Kylie Caunt101
4Brett Criddle90
4Steven Gregg91
6Damian Kneale81
6Matthew Weatherall81
8Hugh Calligan61
9Drew Foley51
10Ryan Moorhouse30
10Xavier Adamos30
12Jonathon Chen20
13Tamara Kerr10
13Anne Bauer10



1Cedric Bauer202
2Neil Herzog112
3Dylan Devenish102
4Adam Zhao82
4Sven Hein81
6Aurelne Thian72
6Philippe Schauffler71
8Irene Wan61
9Luke Mitchell51
9Antonio Ruffo51
11Olena Polakova31
11Gabby Ullaga31
13Matthew Weatherald21
13Hugh Calligan21
13William Reynolds21
16Jonathon Chen10
16Ivy Park10
16Anne Bauer10
16Zelikha Mohamed ali10
16Rowan Johnson10
16Aron Thian11
16Jack Zhao10
16Michael Macrae10
24Juno Hung00
24Xavier Adamos00
24Elim Wong00
24Lucien Kishi00
24Joshua Mitting00
24James Fogarty00
24Therese Hayes00